Nick Kyrgios: Canberra’s Dimitri Morogiannis aiming to follow in his idol’s footsteps

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Canberra junior tennis player Dimitri Morogiannis credits Nick Kyrgios as a mentor and inspiration. Photo: Rohan ThomsonHe is from Canberra, is not short on confidence and lets his emotions fly on the court.

And no, it isn’t Nick Kyrgios.

Introducing rising star Dimitri Morogiannis, a 16-year-old who has worked closely with Kyrgios and has lofty ambitions to be the best in the world.

Morogiannis is coming off the biggest win of his young career after breaking through for his maiden victory in an ITF junior event at the Canberra International last weekend.

The Erindale College student has known Kyrgios for the past five years and was his hitting partner when he was home in the ACT after the US Open.

Kyrgios has polarised opinions for his on-court behaviour after he was fined at the Hangzhou Masters and sledged by AFL star Taylor Walker on social media.

But Morogiannis says the Kyrgios he knows is completely different to the one who is portrayed in the media.

“If you know him really, he’s probably the most down to earth and humble guy you would ever meet,” Morogiannis said.

“He’s an outgoing, happy guy and respects everyone.

“I just say everyone just support him because he’s one of us. He’s from Canberra. Everyone in should support him.”

Kyrgios has spoken with Morogiannis about his experiences on the professional circuit, both good and bad.

“He’s someone to look up to in the stuff he’s done really well, and the stuff that is not the right thing, keep that quiet,” Morogiannis said.

“He’s kind of mentored me a bit through the questions I ask if I need some help.

“You see a lot of players in tennis swear and nothing happens after, but when Nick swears, they make a big deal out of it.”

Morogiannis made a statement in winning the Canberra Junior International, going through the tournament undefeated before beating Jeremy Taylor in the final 7-6, 6-2.

He showed plenty of emotion in the victory and said that was an essential part of his personality.

“I’m a bit like Nick, I show some fire on the court to my supporters to get me through my matches,” Morogiannis said.

“I’m Greek. Nick’s Greek as well, typical Greek guys are larrikins.

“There’s a point where you have to stop, but there’s a point where you can pump yourself up at the same time.”

Morogiannis isn’t shy about setting lofty goals for his career having seen the heights Kyrgios has scaled.

“I really want to be where Nick is right now, or even better,” he said.

“I have a dream to be No.1 in the world and I’m trying my best to get that.

“This is just a small drop in the ocean, this win on the tour, but there’s plenty more to come.”

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