Parramatta shooting: Two men charged with terrorism offences over Curtis Cheng death

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Talal Alameddine is arrested by police. Photo: NSW Police Raban Alou was charged on Thursday night. Photo: Fairfax Media

Fifteen-year-old Parramatta gunman Farhad Jabar.

Farhad Jabar in a shootout with police in front of NSW Police headquarters at Parramatta. Photo: Channel Seven

Terrorism suspect: ‘I got a lot of anger’

A teenager facing serious terrorism charges allegedly met a well-known Middle Eastern crime figure twice in one day to source the firearm he allegedly gave schoolboy killer Farhad Jabar that afternoon.

Raban Alou, 18, was charged on Thursday night with aiding, abetting, counselling and procuring the commission of a terrorist act, a Commonwealth offence that carries a maximum life sentence.

Talal Alameddine, 22, was arrested in Merrylands on Thursday by the Middle Eastern organised crime squad and joint counter-terrorism team. He was charged with supplying a firearm, breaching a firearms prohibition order and hindering police.

Fairfax Media can reveal that police will allege Mr Alou met with family friend Mr Alameddine twice on Friday, October 2, to source an older-style handgun.

He was seen on CCTV at Parramatta Mosque that afternoon with 15-year-old Farhad Jabar, a fellow Arthur Phillip High School student who he had befriended in recent weeks.

Police will allege Mr Alou spent more than two hours with Jabar at the mosque. In that time, he allegedly handed the gun to Jabar, hours before the quiet year 10 student walked to Parramatta police headquarters and used it to shoot accountant Curtis Cheng in the back of the head.

The case against Mr Alou is largely circumstantial, Fairfax Media has been told. It will include call records, phone location data and surveillance that has mapped Mr Alou’s movements on October 2.

Mr Alou’s communication with Jabar is not believed to go back more than a few weeks and it is largely confined to Parramatta Mosque.

The mosque has been a regular meeting point for a group of young western Sydney extremists, who police allege are a major terror risk.

Fairfax Media previously revealed that police believe the group recruited Jabar to carry out the Parramatta attack because they perceived themselves to be under too much surveillance.

Many of the group were raided during Operation Appleby last year, centred around an alleged plot between Omarjan Azari and Islamic State recruiter Mohammed Ali Baryalei to kill a random Sydneysider.

They are also listed in a control order, granted in the Federal Circuit Court, that bans them from having any contact with terrorism suspect Ahmad Samir Naizmand, a Kellyville man who tried to travel to Syria last year.

The control order, which heavily restricts Naizmand’s movements, states that the n Federal Police believe Alou, Naizmand, Azari and 16 others are part of a “close knit group of men in Sydney who strongly support the ideology and activities of… Islamic State” and “are willing and able to commit a terrorist act”.

Commissioner Andrew Scipione described the arrests on Thursday as a “significant breakthrough” and did not rule out further arrests.

“These charges represent an exhaustive investigation which has not concluded but in many ways, has just commenced,” he said

Mr Alou has been in custody since his family’s Wentworthville unit was raided last Wednesday. The home was also raided as part of Operation Appleby last year and older brother Kawa was detained. However, police considered the brothers to be “peripheral” players at the time.

Fairfax Media understands the brothers have close links to the Alameddine family, whose Merrylands home was raided last week.

The home was also raided in February by police looking for firearms relating to a tip-off about a potentially dangerous disruption at Sydney’s largest court complex.

In 2012, Mr Alameddine was charged after a woman was injured when caught in the crossfire of a gun fight in Old Guildford but the charges were later dropped.

Mr Alameddine and Mr Alou will front local courts on Friday.

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