The Bachelorette China 2015: Sam Frost sends Alex Cameron home after family visits

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Alex believes in love now. Sam shows Michael up on the soccer field.

Frosty rips some waves.

Kitchen grilling from Richie’s family.

Sasha’s mum had questions for Sam.

A farewell kiss from Sash.

Recap: Sam Frost sends Dave home and smooches Sasha again

Reserved Englishman Alex Cameron made an emotional departure from The Bachelorette on Thursday’s episode.

​”I’m not afraid to say I can see potential with her,” said the only man who didn’t say he was in love with Sam during the course of the episode. “It’s gut wrenching to leave this way,” he said.

The rose ceremony came at the end of an episode of carrying flowers to people’s front doors, also known as home visits.

First was a trip to Brisbane for Michael Turnbull who took Sam to the soccer field (where they played and Sam won) and then family dinner.

In a one-on-one chat with David, Michael’s father, Sam confided she previously wasn’t sure if she was good enough for Michael. For his part, David was smitten and enjoyed playing host. “They say eyes are the windows to the soul, would you like to see the windows to the Southbank?” he joked.

As they parted Michael revealed his palm to Sam which read “I heart Sam xoxo”.

Alex Cameron took Sam to Avoca beach, which isn’t his hometown but a place he loves surfing. The pair “ripped some waves” and then retired to what seemed to be a relaxing solo date…but ended up being a surprise visit from Alex’s sister, Helen.

“I’ve got a couple of minutes to find my words and wrap my head around the fact it’s not just Alex and me anymore.”

Alex assures Sam she doesn’t need to be too worried. The music immediately became menacing, Helen’s questions began and just didn’t stop. Kids, family, age difference were all put under the spotlight. The date ended with Alex saying he can’t “give it all away” at this point.

The third home visit is with Richie Strahan​ in Perth. The day begins with a hand in hand walk at Kings Park and followed by a BBQ dinner. On the guestlist were Richie’s mum and sister as well as his four closest friends too.

Asked whether she was over last year, Sam said the early part of the show was when she was feeling fragile.

“I was really really surprised, she seemed like such a nice girl,” said Richie’s mum. However the date ended in a question mark as Sam realised she might need to move to Perth, not something she was 100 per cent sure of.

Sasha Mielczarek took Sam to his family’s farm in regional NSW and treated Sam to a serenade from a musician friend of his, revealing he’s also in love with her through the medium of custom-written song.

Sasha also prefaced the family dinner by saying the main woman in his life is his mother and showing Sam the many photos of him at his mother’s house.

The grilling was an intense one, but Sam easily handled seemingly scripted topics of grandchildren, commitment and the break up with Blake Garvey.

Before the rose ceremony, Sam revealed two of the four guys had left questions in her mind. Who the other one is we’ll have to wait til next Wednesday for.

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